Preschool Services

Special Education Services

Hilltop Learning Center offers special education services for children, ages three to five, living within the school district.  Children must be found eligible for services based on an educational evaluation. (link to educational evaluation)   Hilltop has an experienced multi-disciplinary team, including preschool teachers, a school psychologist, an autism consultant, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and a physical therapist.  Each member of our team is certified and has a wide range of experience working with children with various areas of need.  The staff is talented, child-centered, and dedicated to serving children from the Washington Township community.

Hilltop Childcare

Hilltop Child Care and Preschool provides licensed care to children ages 3-5. We provide a warm, supportive atmosphere with opportunities to explore and interact with materials, adults and other children. Our preschool has an outstanding staff committed to the philosophy of fostering each child’s intellectual, social/emotional, physical, and character development. These are vital foundations that will help foster each child’s experience. Each classroom environment is designed to create a safe and warm atmosphere where children are encouraged to be creative, grow socially and academically, and build positive self-concept.

For more information, please contact Hilltop Learning Center @317-259-5458

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